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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Colinette Point Five Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern

So one of our customers(thanks Martha) knit this up and then wrote out the pattern to share with you. We used only one hank of point five so that you can see how far one hank goes.

One hank of Point five yarn
U.S. 15 needles(10.00mm)

cast on 11 stitches
knit 4 rows
row 5:wrap three time around the needle and then knit the stitch
row 6:knit dropping 2 wraps from each stitch
row 7: knit
repeat rows 5,6,7 until most of the yarn is used reserving enough to knit 3 more rows. bind off last row

weave in loose ends.

This scarf looks magnificent with ribbon and mohair fringe, have fun turning this basic pattern into one designed by you

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sharing patterns & recipes

So it is the day before Thanksgiving and my kids are all home safely....I'm such the worry wart about their safety and thankful that they are here to share time with. That being said I want to share some things with you. When Anne Hanson was here teaching we had a wonderful get together which included food that I prepared. I had so many people ask me for the recipes that I decided to put it into print.(Thanksgiving seemed like a good time to do it) Four Fifths of my family is vegetarian so I am always looking for ways to sneak some protein into our diet. Just like any contemporary family however, time spent in the kitchen has to be minimal because there are so many places to be!

Quinoa is an old fashioned grain that is loaded with protein, I have been trying to use it more and more. The following is my Protein packed spinach, feta, quinoa recipe. Served in a low platter it is pleasing to the eye and the tastebuds!

Erika's Protein Packed Spinach, Feta, Quinoa Side Dish

Ingredients: 1 cup(uncooked)Red Quinoa, 1 can Navy Beans, 1 pack of fresh Spinach, 1 clove Garlic, 3 oz. Feta, Fresh Red peppers(optional for garnish), 1 cube vegetable boullion, tablespoon olive oil, teaspoon lemon juice.

Take one cup of quinoa, 2 cups of water, one vegetable cube and bring to boil. reduce to simmer and cook until the water is almost gone(about 15 minutes). Add the olive oil and stir and then put into the serving platter. Place the drained navy beans on top of the quinoa. Take the spinach with a touch of moisture still from rinsing and throw into a saute pan with the garlic. Toss the spinach until it is just wilted and throw on top of the navy beans. Take the feta and lemon juice and sprinkle over the top. Add salt and pepper as desired. Slice the red peppers and garnish the entire platter. This dish is wonderful served at room temperature.

The other dish that I served is what I call an eggplant casserole. I'm not sure about the heaalth benefits but I can tell you that is wonderful on the tastebuds! This dish is one of our staples when the harvest has brought in all of the eggplants at once! The other thing I have to say is that it is not a dish you put out to have people ooh and aah over how pretty it is. It is visually ugly and I can not make excuses for it!

Eggplant Casserole:bake at 350 degrees
ingredients: 2 medium eggplants, 1 medium yellow onion, 2 stalks of celery, 1 large green pepper(for kick use part of a hot pepper if you want), 1 16 oz container of mixed grated mexican cheese, 1 16 oz. can of tomatoe sauce.

Cube the eggplant skin and all and steam until mooshy. While the eggplant is steaming, chop the peppers, celery and onions and saute until all the vegetables are very soft. Take a casserole dish and mix all the vegetables, sauce and cheese together. Cover the dish and put in the oven for at least one hour.....sometimes baking a little longer improves the flavor. Serve warm with rice pilaf, the spinach quinoa and a nice crisp salad!

OK Now we need to think about warm knitted and crocheted accessories for the cooler months.

We have pictured today:
Quickie Malabrigo Rasta Hat and Quickie Colinette Point Five Scarf. both of these items are done on big needles and make up quickly when you are pressed for time.

Quickie Malabrigo Rasta Hat
1 hank of Rasta yarn
16' circular size 15 needles
double point needles
stitch marker
gauge 8sts = 4 inches

cast on 40 stitches
place marker and join in round
purl one row, knit one row for 11 rounds total(end with a purl row)
continue just knitting until the length from the beginning is 6 inches.
begin decreases:
knit 6, knit 2 together...repeat until you get to the marker
knit 5, knit 2 together...repeat until you get to the marker
knit 4, knit 2 together...repeat until you get to the marker
knit 3, knit 2 together...repeat until you get to the marker
knit 2, knit 2 together...repeat until you get to the marker
knit 1, knit 2 together...repeat until you get to the marker
knit 2 together...repeat until you get to the marker

cut the yarn so there is around 6 inches left and thread back through the live stitches. weave in the ends.

I have run out of time so I will post the pattern for the scarf tommorrow!

Enjoy your time with those around you and give thanks for all that is.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simply sweet Noro necklet revisited

I really wanted to share how the necklet turned out with the Noro King yarn doubled. The colors are so opposite the first one but equally beautiful. I confess I became a color control freak at the end., I really wanted the turqoise to appear so I cut the yarn on one of the strands and pulled it out until I got the turqoise. I recommend that if you want to have the tie you change to a bigger needle at the double sided increase section. This will relax the tie section. You will see from my photos that the King piece came out a little bit shorter than the Tidiori piece. I pulled a bit and got it longer but it would be so much better by loosening the stitch.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

simply sweet noro necklet

Well, in honor of simply sweet week I thought I would share this very simple but eyecatching/sweet necklet pattern(I think I just made up the word). I am calling it a necklet because of the way it wears on your neck. Tying the ends into a sporty little knot make it look different than just a triangle scarf....which is what it really is. The yarn is called Tidiori and is a discontinued Noro product of which we still have a few balls. I am one of those storeowners that falls in love with a yarn and just has to hold onto it until it is gone.

I decided to experiment with the new Noro lace yarn called King(holding it double) and follow the same pattern. King has such an interesting nubby character and now that I am knitting with it I can also see the halo that the kid mohair and the contrast that the silk adds to the yarn as it knits. Ohhh I do love silk! By the way you should know that these knit up quickly and only take one ball(great little gifts!)

So here is the pattern:
1 ball Noro Tidiori
knitting needles US 13

1)cast on 3 stitches
2)increase at the beginning of each row until the piece measures 6-7 inches from the point
3)increase at the begining and end of each row until the piece measures 9 inches from the point.
4)Bind off VERY loosely.

weave in the loose ends

Monday, November 15, 2010

simply sweet week

Can I tell you how much I love my kids? This past Saturday we had a big party just three of us. My oldest daughter,Kelsey and my youngest Nikolas(unfortunately Ana is in south Carolina and couldn't join us) rocked out in our kitchen. The two of them baked me this fantabulous torte The torte was made with almond meal and bittersweet chocolate. The decorations quite natural; raspberries and a celery leaf(who doesn't decorate with celery leaves?). We ate cake and danced around the kitchen, one song stands out in my mind....it's called Officer by Slightly Stoopid. It is one of those songs that have you singing the refrain over and over,feeling the beat. It is also one of those songs that if you actually listen to the lyrics you have to say......can't play that song for everyone! You might want to check it out but don't say I didn't warn you!