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Friday, October 02, 2015

The Treehugger in me
I promise, we will get back to yarn related postings, but please indulge me just this one time for right now.  You see I do believe that this posting is somehow related to all of us crafters and makers in life. We move around in our daily lives and the time flies. At times we notice and are mindful of it flying, other times it just happens.The tree in my backyard is being removed today. This wonderful tree that has been part of my life for the past 23 years is extremely symbolic I have discovered this week.
 Of all things, I have been weepy all week and not exactly sure of the cause.  The cause surfaced today when I asked my husband to help me measure the circumference of the tree with a piece of yarn....as I requested his help I burst out into tears
Circumference measures to 13 feet 3 inches technically
Circumference beyond measurement in my heart

.  Poor guy; he looks at me and says I'm sorry Erika but, its dangerous the way the tree is right now.
 Of course, logical me knows that; but the part I can't control...the tears running down my face part can only think of so many things that happened under that tree for the past 23 years.   Right now I am trying to think of the positive things. Things like how wonderful it will be to have more sun in the back yard, no acorns dropping that have to be cleaned up, how many less leaves we will have to rake in fall, how the patio furniture will stay free of bird droppings, how we will hardly have to sweep the back porch as tree bark will no longer be falling.  Its funny though,  because for each of those items on the list, I have flashbacks of  good family time together(maybe not according to our children!).  As our kids were growing up, it was often one of those listed chores that made everyone work and spend time together.  It was a shared time together that made us talk and laugh and dance around while working. When the work was done we also shared the pride of a job well done.
 The tree needs to go because so many of the branches are dead and have the potential to drop and seriosuly hurt someone  And this is how I related this all to making and crafting. We have the potential to have these perfectly organized lives; every little thing neatly stowed away and clean.  But I think most of us get an incredible sense of satisfaction from the colors, the textures and the delight of experiencing the finished product.  The projects we have completed give us an incredible sense of being alive and a feeling of  productivity that no one can take away.  (and here all you thought you did was knit or crochet).

The Treehugger in me honors the Crafter and Maker in you!