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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Colinette Point Five Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern

So one of our customers(thanks Martha) knit this up and then wrote out the pattern to share with you. We used only one hank of point five so that you can see how far one hank goes.

One hank of Point five yarn
U.S. 15 needles(10.00mm)

cast on 11 stitches
knit 4 rows
row 5:wrap three time around the needle and then knit the stitch
row 6:knit dropping 2 wraps from each stitch
row 7: knit
repeat rows 5,6,7 until most of the yarn is used reserving enough to knit 3 more rows. bind off last row

weave in loose ends.

This scarf looks magnificent with ribbon and mohair fringe, have fun turning this basic pattern into one designed by you