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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Action shot

So I am feeling quite proud of my photography. Check out my bumblebee in motion shot! One of the highlights of the garden outside the store is this exceptionally beautiful flower. I have no idea what it is outside of the fact that I beleive it is some form of thistle. It is the one thing that I left in the garden when we moved here 7 years ago(wow! where has time gone?. Every June I count on it blooming for worldwide knit in public day...this year it fooled me. It bloomed in July and is now slowly winding down. The bees love it. Sometimes you will have 3 to 4 bees on it at one time. That is actually all I have to say today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Erika(for some reason I felt a need to sign off today)

Monday, July 12, 2010

we weren't trying to have a party..

We weren't trying to have a party, it just turned into one.
It all started out with a basic sock class. I was innocently trying to teach and people started to come in(you know I can't say no). My wonderful students obliged me and put up with me helping customers between their questions. Then thank goodness, Laura came in and attempted to rescue me so that I could pay attention to my students...then shift one students came in for the log cabin class.....then shift two came in for the log cabin class....then the students for the circular blanket class came in. In the meantime my sock students are starting to enjoy the randomness of all of this craziness. Then I hear one of our regular knitters showing us her wonderful shawls and it turns into an informal one person trunk show for which we are all thankful for because of its loveliness. and the day just goes on that way....lots of fun....lots of laughter and lots of inspiration. Thanks for the lovely day all!!!!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Get over it Erika!

I did get over it. All the things that were in my way last week. Knitting, mindless, knitting, all day last Thursday I helped. Friday morning I put on my big girl shoes and moved on to finish my Sweet Jazz. I think my mind was having an inner temper tantrum because the shawl was taking longer than I expected...I had to grow up and move on because I wanted my scarf. I have it now...it is done and I love it. It is quite circular because of the short rows...and quite light and drapey because of the soy, cotton, wool blend in the Tofutsie yarn. No I did not do it with just one ball of yarn. I used the second ball only for the bind off row. I am not sure,,,,maybe I could have done it with only one ball but I did not want to find out in the bind off row of 700 something stitches.