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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

simply sweet noro necklet

Well, in honor of simply sweet week I thought I would share this very simple but eyecatching/sweet necklet pattern(I think I just made up the word). I am calling it a necklet because of the way it wears on your neck. Tying the ends into a sporty little knot make it look different than just a triangle scarf....which is what it really is. The yarn is called Tidiori and is a discontinued Noro product of which we still have a few balls. I am one of those storeowners that falls in love with a yarn and just has to hold onto it until it is gone.

I decided to experiment with the new Noro lace yarn called King(holding it double) and follow the same pattern. King has such an interesting nubby character and now that I am knitting with it I can also see the halo that the kid mohair and the contrast that the silk adds to the yarn as it knits. Ohhh I do love silk! By the way you should know that these knit up quickly and only take one ball(great little gifts!)

So here is the pattern:
1 ball Noro Tidiori
knitting needles US 13

1)cast on 3 stitches
2)increase at the beginning of each row until the piece measures 6-7 inches from the point
3)increase at the begining and end of each row until the piece measures 9 inches from the point.
4)Bind off VERY loosely.

weave in the loose ends