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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Embellishing the shawl

Embellishing is an active process and for many of us never stops. I see a piece and often think of how I might alter the look by adding a simple button, some fringe, a couple embroidered stitches and so on. I had this wonderful vision of the items I wanted to add to the shawl. Often times when embellishing you have to wait for the right items to present themselves. I played with a number of yarns, looks, buttons textures but nothing quite grabbed my attention. I actually stopped looking and decided to revisit the embellishing another day. As I was walking through the store I noticed a button on a bottom shelf and decided it was just perfect(carpe diem!). I fringed the shawl, knit a flower to go with the button and then tried to attach it. As soon as I lifted the shawl up I realized my mistake with this embellishing venture. Because of the dropped stitch the fabric of this shawl becomes very open and drapey, not of the substance necessary to carry off what looked wonderful on the table. I decided that sometimes simplicity is best and decided to scrap all of the embellishments but the fringe. I now have a freeflowing swishy shawl which is perfect just the way it is.


The Drop Stitch Shawl

So my drop stitch shawl by Chris Bylsma has had a whole little life of its own. If you receive our emails we did a little feature the last two that we sent out. I thought I would document it all in one location for others to look at as they wish. First of all we used the Noro Furisode yarn to knit up a basic solid fabric shawl. Just before your bind off row we drop stitches which actually give the open weave look that makes this shawl so attractive.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

did you know computers care?

The register move is complete! I will tell you though, what should have been a simple move from one half of the store to the other turned into an arduous 3 week process. The only explanation I can come up with(because it just should not have been this painful) is that the computers care about where they are and don't like change. After all they have been sitting in the same place on the same fixture for seven years now. Here I come along, strip them of their nestled location and expose all of their wires. I think they dealt with this change by acting out but I did not give in to their immature tantrums instead I held true and steady. I think they are starting to like their new location after all; our customers have been complimenting us on the changes. Maybe all it takes to get a computer to cooperate is a little flattery???