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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunday we were kayaking on Lake Erie!
Ok, so today(Tuesday) it is 19 degrees, the lake is rolling and it is snowing outside.  Sunday, Peter and I were on Lake Erie kayaking.  It was chilly, sunny and flat but not freezing cold or blowing like today.  We have been on the lake when the water splashing up freezes onto your boat.  Watching the ice form is kind of scary, kind of exhilarating.  To have fun when it is so cold outside you have to bundle up. There is not a dang thing fun about being cold.  We have wet suits and boots.  I have socks that go inside the neoprene boots to help hold the warmth. Above the wet suits the warm knitted accessories go.  First of all I wear my simple garter stitch Noro Cowl.  I held Iro together with a silk mohair blend to get this wonderfully colorful fluffy, squishy and warm fabric.  The looseness of the fabric allows your breath to keep you warm and not freeze on you.

Noro Iro with a mohair blend-100 stitches in garter

Hats are absolutely necessary when it is this cold.  I made hats for both Peter and I out of Malabrigo yarns.  Peter's  Quickie Hat is made out of their Rasta.  I made a Man Hat for myself out of their Mecha.  Both of these yarns are slightly felted so the finished hat is amazingly warm, not just one of those vanity hats.

Peter in his Rasta Quickie Hat

Erika in her Man Hat