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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Beauty of a Slow Project

A polar vortex, a serious snowstorm, and the beginning of a new year: the perfect combination of circumstances that invite us to sit down, breathe deeply and immerse ourselves in yarn. Take time and give yourself the gift of a slow project, one that comes with no deadline. There are a number of designers who create KALs and CALs as part of a centering practice to bring us an hour or so of peace in these rushed days. Others create patterns whose repetitive rhythms invite contemplation.

Taking on a project big in size but not in complexity is a wonderful way to spend the shortest days of the year. The comfort of a garter-stitch shawl or the warmth of a modular blanket can make the most of our short days and dark nights.

The tactile pleasure of working with a yarn you love, the social possibilities of a project that merely requires you to just keep knitting and the satisfaction of spending a bit of time each day engaged in an activity that brings calm into your world. What will you choose as a winter project?

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