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Friday, October 30, 2009

Sev{en} circles/study in blues

Well here is completed Sev{en} Circles(found on ravelry) and I must say I truly love it. It has an ethnic, artistic, organic feel about it. Peter told me that it looks like a traditional african necklaces. I defintely see the resemblance. I started out doing this in the Berocco Merino Nuance and ended up throwing in their Love It Colors by accident. I was knitting along and noticed the label looked different.....I actually did not feel it in in the hand. Once I recognized the label difference I started thinking that can't be....I must just have the wrong label and started comparing....of course there was a difference and I had to decide if I was going to rip or not. I decided to not only make this piece a study in blues but also a study in fibers! Interestingly enough I threw the whole piece in the washing machine and the dryer and I am not noticing a difference in the way the two yarns react. The first two rings have stretched but I actually decided that was because I must have knitted looser at the beginning. I am going to put some little tucks in them to shorten them a bit. The other thing I find interesting is the finishing. I actually think that it needs a little tab to scrunch up the piece that sits on your neck. I do not beleive there is any mention of finishing other than weaving in the loose ends. I truly love this piece and will be making another one out of something finer and silky....probably tone on tone colors. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fiber Sculptures

It has been awhile since I was in awe of a project. This piece called sev{en} circles is one that created that feeling for me. I love when something I am knitting starts to make me feel like I have clay in my hands.....that I am creating some type of organic three dimensional sculpture. This piece is actually so simple in concept. I loved moving it around while I was working on it trying to picture it as a wall hanging or something of that sort. Here are pictures of the scultpural piece and I am officially naming it "A Study in Blues"and tomorrow I will show you how it is really supposed to look.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

sock slippers known as fuzzy feet

We are having some fun with the pattern Fuzzy Feet(a free pattern at Knitty.com). Pictured here is a pair knitted out of Cascade Eco Wool and a single waiting for its mate in Malabrigo worsted. As soon as the mate is done I will be felting and posting the results. If you are afraid to tackle this project by yourself we do have a class coming up on November 1st. I can't wait to see the shrunken results!


Sweet November-yummy blue sky worsted

Remember how we were all talking about the movie Sweet November and the scarf that starred in it. It turns out that it was a simple crochet triangle with drapey fringe worn just the right way! I was skimming ravelry crochet patterns the other day and it popped out at me so of course I had to make one. I decided to use the Blue Sky worsted because I absolutely adore the way it drapes and feels. The pattern is located here.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Demo Day-Ravelry

One more entry about Demo Day October 10th. Just a reminder about the Ravelry workshop on Saturday from 2-4. During this Ravelry introductory session we will help you join(if you have not already),learn the basics and become active with this online social crochet/knit community.

What does a picture of our button collection have to do with it? ABBBsolutely nothing.....loved the way the picture turned out and wanted to share it with you. We have reorganized the buttons within the store so you can easily see them.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another part of Demo Day 10/10/09

Here is the Jared Flood/ Noro Silk Garden scarf that I am working on. On October 10th 12-2:30 we will be helping customers pick colors and get started on this scarf. We will be helping you with little details like slipping the stitch and carrying the yarn for the striping if you purchase the yarn at River Colors. We expect it to be a bustling, fun day on Saturday.....remember to bring your needles size 6 through 8.

Monday, October 05, 2009

October 10th demo day at River Colors

On Saturday October 10th 1:30-3:30 we are available to help you learn how to knit with either Trendsetter Cha Cha yarn or Prism Intermezzo yarn. Both of these yarns are designed to create magnificent ruffles using only the knit stitch. Bring your needles in US size 6 and US size 10. We will be so happy to share with you!