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Thursday, February 19, 2015

March Teaser is Here by Rachel
Hard to believe it's time to talk about March teasers already!!  I know many of us are most likely still in winter hibernation mode, staying cozy in the house, knitting, catching up on movies and shows.  But... this IS the month when Spring will begin, and when the weather breaks it will be a motivator to get out and explore our neighborhoods in the CLE once again.  So let us dig in to some fun facts about our upcoming March neighborhood inspiration!

There is a wonderful, award-winning  farmers market in this neighborhood which happens to be my personal favorite out of the many there are to choose from in the Cleveland area.  Not only is there the typical fare with produce, flowers, eggs, etc, but this market offers live music, demos every week by local chefs, and the occasional featured artist.  When the warm weather turns too chilly for the outdoor location, this market turns to the indoors nearby in a cultural party center.

This area of Cleveland is the location for a very important Police and Fire Fighters Memorial, and is actually the neighborhood where many of our city employees, cops, and firemen reside.  Kind of like the hub for our own heroes of the city!!

The main drag running through this neighborhood includes several authentic Irish pubs and restaurants.

In May, there is an annual homecoming celebration, called the Hooley.  Live music, dancers, pipes, drums and delicious foods are just a few of the things you can find here on that day.

Many of the homes in the residential part of this neighborhood were built in the 1920s and 1930s, and many families have called this tight-knit community home for generations. Church activities, community, and local support of businesses are essential in keeping this area together.

Some of the eclectic shopping that can be found here includes comic books, cigars, skates and costumes, plus a fresh seafood shop.

Lastly, I feel it's of great significance to mention that there is a rich influence of Catholicism and spirituality in this neighborhood including churches, schools, convents, homes of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration and also the Franciscan order.  A beautiful retreat and spiritual center located in a lush, woodsy and cozy setting  is also an attractive draw for many.  This kind of a mecca is a reminder of how important tradition and strong family values are here in this part of our city.

Hopefully these little bits of trivia spark some memories or peek your interest and keep you guessing about where we are going to be next!  For me this month, I'm still focused on spending some quality time over in February's neighborhood, University Circle. Even with a bit of snow still due to fall I'm sure, activities on my list include Orchid Mania at the Cleveland Botanical Garden,  ice skating at Wade Oval Park, checking out one of the old classic films playing at the Cleveland Cinematheque,  Red Dust or Strangers on a Train.  The other thing I am planning is to head over to Moca for Jessica Eaton's exhibit "Wild Permutations".  This artist investigates the relationships and behaviors of color, which is something I am continually enamored with in my artistic studies.  Seems a very fitting exhibit for any Colors of Cleveland member or just anyone who loves color.  We could all use some at this time of year!! Enjoy.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

River Colors Closed February 15,2015
Hi everyone!  We want to encourage you to stay home today to spin, knit or crochet.   We will be closed today, February 15th 2015.   While it may not be cold for Minnesota it is for us Ohioans!  We will reopen on February 17th at 11 a.m.   when it is supposed to be a balmy 21 degrees farenheit.  I'll be working on these mittens.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New year, new neighborhood!! January teasers from Rachel
The start of a new year is always an invigorating, motivating feeling full of new goals, fresh starts, and mindful resolutions.  For us knitters, crocheters and creative souls that often translates into organizing and going through all of our stashes of yarn and supplies in order to make room for new ideas and projects.  Or sometimes it's about resolving and finishing all the things that have been waiting around for a year.... or two!  The latter of the two is the one that is topping my list! But also on my goals for the New Year is to continue my journey of exploration around our amazing city that seems to only become more interesting over time.  These inspirations for the Colors of Cleveland project have swept in a new breath of fresh air for my love and engagement with my hometown, and I cannot wait to share more of them with you in 2015.

On that note, January starts out with a bang in one of my personal favorite neighborhoods.  It's vibrant, it's diverse, and it's constantly evolving, so you can expect colors to reflect this profile.  Someone could leave me in this area for days and I wouldn't run out of things to do.  And if I was not already a resident of Lakewood, it would probably become the neighborhood I would choose to call home. I will leave you with some clues and facts to ponder upon until yarn pick-up day!!

This urban neighborhood is home to 9,000 residents and provides all the amenities one needs all in one area

This neighborhood has attracted migrants and immigrants since the late 19th century from Germany, Hungary, Ireland.  The employment they found was mostly at the docks, mills, distilleries and foundries.

By 1978, this area was known to have residents from more than 15 ethnic groups, now including Hispanic, Asian, and Native-Americans.

James A. Garfield, the 20th president of our country, served as a pastor at one of the Christian churches here.  Also, James Ford Rhodes, millionaire Pulitzer Prize winning historian, was born and raised here, and his brother's landmark mansion is nestled in the heart of this neighborhood.

USA Today recently named the area one of the ten best places to bar hop around the world!  It was sharing the list with other fabulous places like Dublin, Ireland, Austin, Texas, and Rio de Janeiro.  And there are for sure a wide variety of spirits to choose from.

Speaking of bars, let's talk about food.  You can be in this one tiny place and have many cuisine choices at your fingertips.  Mexican, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Vegetarian, Middle Eastern, Puerto Rican, Southern/Soul, Caribbean, Irish, and many more! Isn't this just a great piece of information to know?!

The oldest indoor/outdoor market is housed here and was originally known as The Pearl Street Market.  Architecturally it is built in the Neo-Classical/Byzantine style and cost $680,000 to build.

Also located here is one of the country's largest urban farms.  It includes a farm, a retail stand, and a community kitchen on a six acre city parcel.

Houses Cleveland's first and only hostel

I hope this provides you with some interesting food for thought as you enjoy the rest of the holidays and prepare to ring in the New Year.  The Cleveland Colors yarn will be here before you know it!  And I wish everyone a year of discovery, creating, and generosity!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Store Hours

We will be closed Sunday, February 15th

STORE HOURS FOR winter 2015

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Trying to find us for the first time? We are tucked behind Blackbird Baking Company(their signs are very obvious)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

It's December! Neighborhood Clues from Rachel
It's hard to believe, but December is already upon us, which means holiday festivities and finding perfect little gifts for the special people in our lives are topping our schedules.  But for the Colors of Cleveland club members, it also means that it's time for some teasers!  For this month I decided to change things up a bit and forego the photo clues and try some neighborhood history and trivia.  Let's see if any of you CLE lovers can guess where we are this month!

-  This neighborhood draws more than 1 million people annually and also contributes $43 million in local economic impact every year.

-  Five of its architectural gems were constructed in a surprisingly rapid 19 months in the early 1920s, inspired by a combination of Roman, Greek, European Baroque, and Italian Renaissance styles.

-  And for art buffs, inside one of these buildings is the stunning mural painted by famous artist James H. Daugherty, The Spirit of Cinema In America.

- This neighborhood is proud to be the headquarters for Cleveland radio stations WCPN and WCLV, TV station WVIZ, and also for DANCECleveland.

-  One of Cleveland's many talented chefs has created a must see dining destination inside a space which originally housed one of our city's premiere jewelry stores, founded in 1861.

-  Also gracing this neighborhood is a Victorian-era treasure which includes two nine-story buildings, a glass skylight covering over 300 feet of space, and was considered to be one of  the first indoor shopping malls in America when it was built in 1890.

Hopefully these clues give you something interesting to think about while you are anxiously awaiting your December yarn!!  I think you are going to love this one, and it has a special surprise included from us to you in the spirit of gratitude and giving!

 Being a knitter and creator, I cherish all things hand-crafted by the wonderful local artisans we have access to in our city. So for all the special people in my life I'll be headed out to explore some art and craft shows to purchase unique holiday gifts.  Here are just a few that will be heading my list of places to shop:

-  Cleveland Bazaar's 10th Anniversary Holiday show for amazing handmade art and gifts.  It will be taking place at the 78th Street Studios on December 13th and 14th.

-  Also at 78th Street Studios will be their next upcoming Third Friday, where you can wander and meander through all the galleries, studios, and spaces to enjoy shopping, music, food and libations under one umbrella.  I have found fabulous gifts here every year!!  The next one is December 19th.

Happy shopping everyone!  Cannot wait for you all to pick up your December package!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Time for November Teasers! by Rachel
I have been so caught up enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather we're having and juggling multiple tasks. I suddenly realized....it's time for the November teaser for the Colors of Cleveland!!  Lucky for all of us living here in Northeast Ohio, we are privy to some of the most brilliant colors in the country during the fall season. I've been trying to get out and enjoy as many hikes and walks in the Cleveland Metroparks as I can. Meanwhile, I'm very excited about our November neighborhood.  It's small but full of little treasures to discover, and I have a couple of photo clues here to share with you.  Let me know if you can crack my codes!

Do you know where this historical building is and what it is currently utilized for?  Part of the beauty and charm of exploring these neighborhoods is discovering how the old is integrated with the new, I personally find it a fascinating contrast.

And here's a real puzzle of a photo to solve!  One of my personal favorites......and it might be one of yours too.  Real fans of this neighborhood are bound to have noticed this fabulous window.  I  would love to see your comments about all of this and more inspirations on our blog feedback!  With the timing of the autumn colors and the beginning of the NBA season, I am really inspired right now by the colors of our awesome basketball team, wine and gold.  I have already been looking at yarns here in the shop to make up cute hats and scarves in support of our city!  What team colors do you all love the best?  I will leave you all with an inspirational video I recently watched, even for those who are not sports lovers, this is pretty infectious. Check out the Nike Together commercial, and be proud of the city we live in!