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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inspired by Autumn Colors by Rachel
Hi everyone!  It has been so fun to receive feedback from all of the Colors of Cleveland subscribers as they open their September yarn packages!  I was absolutely thrilled with the way the yarn turned out thanks to the wonderful dying talents of Space Cadet!!  It has been exciting to collaborate with her on this project and it wouldn't have been the same without her.  I encourage you to visit her website! She has many exciting things  going on. It's also been a blast to connect with all my fellow co-workers here at River Colors.  It isn't too often we all have the opportunity to work together or share ideas, but embarking on the Colors of Cleveland project has given us just that. I am so grateful to be a part of a talented, creative and witty team!

Edgewater and Shoreway communities

Even though there are still going to be plenty of beautiful sunsets to check out this month here on the lake, this cool weather that blew in with the rain last night has me thinking about shopping for fall fashions and projects on my knitting wish list. So today I'm going to explore some of the charming and eclectic consignment shops and boutiques that are located right here in our Shoreway neighborhood.  Some of my favorites are Girl Next Door in Rocky River, Designer Consignor in Lakewood, and Vintage Love in Avon.  But I am going to start right her at River Colors to see what cool weather accessories I can knit to go with my fall wardrobe.....I think I'll start with the slouchy Superstar Hat, designed by Ella Rae.  I saw the sample here at work the other day and loved the contrast of coziness and bling, so I need this hat in my life!!

Edgewater at sunst

As much as I love the lake and our September neighborhood,  I can't wait to share October with you, so I will be out exploring that area as well as we move into Autumn.  So stay tuned for some clues and in the meantime, I encourage you all to explore and  find the beautiful colors around our city that inspire you!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Sharing September with you!
Here she is!  The debut color and package.   We are thrillled with how it all came together.  You can still join until midnight 9/5/14.  We have 4 spaces left.  More about Sweet Designs later.


I am so lucky
Every so often the stars line up and you feel grateful that things are working the way they are.  That is how I am today.  I am going to explain that lovely feeling of satisfaction here.Yesterday we were scurrying around with lots of last minute things to do.

The Yarn Discovery Tour starts today- thank-you RCS team for working so hard!

The Colors of Cleveland Yarn Club has its first pick up today(and those of you are having it shipped should receive it today or Saturday).  It went came together beautifully and we are soooo proud.  We will post a picture today after 11am.  After all the members get to peek first!

Sweet Designs sent us a wonderful plate of chocolate to  thank us for something that we will explain later.  That plate kept us all happy yesterday while we were scurrying!

My daughter Kelsey is blogging for us from a younger perspective.  She helped me see that the yarn club can easily be thought of as a yarn CSA.  We would love to have you think of it that way.  Please read her posting  here.  Sample her blog otherwise and possibly add it to your list of bookmarked blogs to read. As a biased mother I think she is hilarious but maybe a little racy for some our regular customers.  Only you know where you fall.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Colors of Cleveland September Teaser from Rachel
Welcome to the Colors of Cleveland September colorway clue!! Creating the beautiful hues for this venture here at River Colors has been so much fun, and even though the inspiration comes from the diverse neighborhoods throughout our city, working on this project has created even so much more enthusiasm to explore all the unique places and activities that Cleveland has to offer.

 This  recent Labor day weekend was a perfect opportunity to do just that. Even though summer is winding down and we are headed into autumn, the weather is still warm and breezy so I decided to head out into September's hidden gems and get my exercise groove on!  A little walking....a little kayaking...and a little yoga added up to a fulfilling C-Town holiday weekend.  As we know here in northeast Ohio, we have to take advantage when we can.

Still interested in joining the Colors of Cleveland yarn club?  There is still time this week to purchase.... the deadline is this Friday, September 5th, which also happens to be the first day of the Yarn Discovery Tour.  Grab you subscription while there are still spaces!  Hope to see you soon!

Kayaking into the sunrise

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Colors of Cleveland Yarn Club is here!
You love Cleveland? You love yarn? Have we got temptation for you? Join the Colors of Cleveland Yarn club! By joining you will receive a hank of fingering weight yarn each month. The fun and unique part of it all: our own Rachel Metz has designed colorways inspired by 12 of the neighborhoods around town. Stephanie at Space Cadet is turning those iconic colorways into vibrant hanks of " Cleveland Love" hand dyed yarn.
 Click here to join the Colors of Cleveland Yarn Club.

Why are we doing this?
  • Buy local
    Being the creative souls that we are here at River Colors, we wanted to create something special for our customers and out of town visitors....our own version of celebrating this exciting renaissance that we feel vibrating through all the neighborhoods of our city by the lake.

  • Explore the city
    Cleveland has been receiving a lot of love and support of late due to the creative efforts and dedication of many to revitalize our city into a vibrant, eclectic place to live and to visit. We want to encourage you to explore the city!

  • We love a reason to come together
    We are organizing different social events throughout the year. The events will be held at a small business/restaurant within the neighborhood of the month. Club members will receive a personal invitation to each event. If you are an out of towner, our Colors of Cleveland Blog will help you visit the location by sharing pictures and antecdotes!

  • A Creative Collaborative Cleveland Project

    Friday, July 11, 2014

    Lets talk about buttons and the complex nature of sewing a button to a knit fabric.  Most of us that love to craft have an incredible respect for the button.  We know that the secret to changing up just about any type of garment or accessory is to use buttons.  They might be simple and elegant or fun and crazy(by the way we have lots of choices at the studio). Oops I am actually supposed to be sharing button sewing tips.   I will wane on and on another day about the philosophy of buttons....
    Sewing buttons on to a knitted fabric is a little on the tricky side because the "weave" of the fabric is so loose in contrast to a traditional woven fabric.  If you have a functional button you want to try your best to sew the button on so that it is stable and not tugging and stretching your stitches. It is for this reason that we recommend sewing a back button on to the inside of your.  If your button is merely there to look pretty you will not have to worry about stabilizing it.

    You will need to have:
     needle and thread
    button that you want to see on the outside
    flat round utilitarian button (transparent or matching color to your knitted fabric)

    1)Start by threading your needle and doubling the thread, then knot it.
    2)stick your needle and thread into the place where your button should go, making sure that your knot is visible
    3)first start by sticking your needle through the hole of your visible button and down into the knitted fabric in the designated location
    visible button being initially situated
    4)look for your knot and place the needle in between the two threads.  This will enable you to lock in your thread, the knot itself will just pull through if you do not secure it.
    5) pick up your flat button and pull needle and thread through one of the holes and back through another catching some of your knitted fabric. Repeat pulling your needle and thread through the holes and somewhat anchoring the back button, then pull the needle and thread through the fabric to the location where your button will be visible and pull through your visible button again.
    catching your flat button
    6)From here you pull through the visible button and locate the back button and pull through the holes in that button over and over again.
    securing the two buttons
    7)I recommend you do the front to back action back and forth about 8 times so the button will be nice and secure,
    8) end with your needle on the inside and layered  between the inside fabric and the button: wind your thread around the core of the stitches that have gone back and forth around 4 times and then cut your thread.
    9) your button should be very stable and not move ( if it does..start over again).

    I now understand why Tutorials on Videos are so successful.  It is really hard to describe all of the little nuances one goes through without the visuals.  Now I have another challenge....to follow this up with a video!


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