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Monday, April 14, 2014

Who stole the project?
Well here you go, a picture of my yarn and pattern.  For three days now I  encouraged myself to finish things on my check list so that I could focus on this project and finish it for spring.  I started it last summer and loved working with the Tahki Ripple yarn plus I loved the modular construction of this tee.   Life  happened, I put it aside.... I thought in this basket to be exact. Only to find what you see here.  All afternoon I have been looking for the magical bag that contains the almost finished front.   Poof gone?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Debbie Bliss Progressive/gamblers sale
50 % all Debbie Bliss Books and magazine the whole month of April
    The sale on the yarn will be progressive each week.
  • 20% off Tuesday April 1- Monday April 7 online enter coupon code bliss20 at the checkout
  • 30% off Tuesday April 8 - Monday April 14 online enter coupon code bliss30 at the checkout
  • 40% off Tuesday April 15- Monday April 21 online enter coupon code bliss40 at the checkout
  • 50 % off Tuesday April 22 and after. At this point what is left will move into our half price section in the studio and clearance yarns online until it is all gone.
The sale items will not go onto your frequent fiber cards. We can not hold items for you.
Please note: 
the Sloane Avenue Studio is closed on Mondays and will be closed Sunday, April 20th. Obviously the online store is open 24 hours, We're looking forward to seeing you!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Laura's Baseball Season Challenge
Laura has organized a crafting challenge for all of you baseball lovers.  She came in to the studio all excited about this challenge so she has written this up for you.  Join her in the fun with the opening game this Monday.

 Recently, the blogger earthchicknits.com posted [Crackerjack: A Conceptual Knitting Project](http://earthchicknits.com/2014/03/20/crackerjack-a-conceptual-knitting-project-any-baseball-fans-want-to-join-me/) in which she delineates her plan for knitting a scarf that represents her hometown team's 162-game season in a striped scarf.  By designating specific colors for home and away wins and losses, the scarf will reflect the team's record and keep her warm for post-season play.

Laura says"
I'm in for the Indians season, beginning against Oakland (away) on Monday, March 31.  If you want to join the fun, I pulled the Indians team colors in Berroco Comfort a worsted-weight option.   Many other choices exist so shop on line for your home team or stop by the Sloane Avenue studio to Pick your colors. Options in every weight from lace to super-bulky.  Maybe striped socks to represent the season--81 games per leg?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rikki's Hat to Rivoletto
And so is the beauty of recycling yarn
Rivoletto Cowl

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Embrace Yak Yarn & Blackbird Baking Company
I learned alot about the Embrace yarn by Reywa Fibers when making my Rikki Hat.  I have to say most if it was operator error.    My mistakes will help prevent yours!  I have to tell you first of all that I loved working with this yarn, but I did not apply my knitting common sense rules prior to starting. The Rikki Hat is a slouchy hat so I kept on trying to convince myself that everything was going to be alright when it was done.  I have included the picture with an iphone on it so you  can get a sense of the size of it.  I used needles smaller than those called for, totally convinced that all would work out.

Guess what I did not do!
 Double guess what I did not do:
Those answers would be I did not gauge and
I did not do a washed gauge.  Yes my friends, I preach the gauge message to you all the time but did not follow my own advice.

And here you go, a slouchy hat that was a little loose when I finished.  It looked good and loosely fit when I took it off the needles; though I wanted to wash it to even out my knitting.  I wanted to wash it in a washing machine but first researched  whether yak felts.  It does.  I decided to hand wash it but as I was washing I decided that it seemed to be growing more than anything else.  Based on the felting concept I decided to start agitating hoping that it would felt up a bit.   Guess what,  it did not and just kept on growing.

I used a very bright fuchsia/pink color because I wanted color!  Well, while I was washing it  the water became very bright in color.  The hat retained its color but the water changed.  So more words of advice to you. Do not stripe this yarn unless you test it first.

Take home message for wonderful results with Reywa Embrace:
1.Gauge and wash the gauge..you want to know how it is going to grow.
2.  Prior to mixing colors, wash the yarn to check for bleeding.  I'm not sure what the other colors will do but my bright color definitely bled.

The end of the story.  I am going to rip open my hat and try again(not Rikki).  I reviewed the ravelry projects and no one was complaining about hats they had made out of embrace.  So again i say, "operator error".

By the way, If you get a chance congratulate the folks at Blackbird Baking Company on the wonderful article that appeared in Edible Cleveland this spring.  You can see the picture right next to my hat.


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