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Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Stopover Knit along
The Mason-Dixon Knitting sisters got this Knit along going using the Stopover Pattern by Jane Mucklestone.  Fortunately for River Colors, some wonderful customer named Jen included us as a source link for Lopi yarn in one of the discussion threads about the knit along.   We have been shipping Lopi galore.  How fun is that?  Many local people got into the kal as well so we have been vicariously living color combinations.  Don't be afraid to change your mind if you get into it and find that the color combo is not right. One of the beautiful things about this project is that the yarn is not expensive.  You can see from my posting yesterday that I did just that.   While I love the gold, green and navy combo, I decided it was just a tad too handsome for the look I wanted.  I took my pop color(the pink) and changed it out for the gold.  Now I love it!

Starting with the sleeve is a good way to check your gauge and your color choices.  That is how I discovered that I was not getting the colors I envisioned and that my gauge was way too tight.   I am using  the 9 inch needles instead of double points, it just simplifies the color change process.  Off the top of my head I can not remember if you can get 9 inchers in 10.5 needles.  I will have to research that.  I started off with smaller needles(size 7 and 9)than recommended because I am usually so loose.  Now that I started the body and my gauge is working I am actually on a size 10.  You can still join in the fun,there are lots of color choices left and am expecting some of the light greys this Monday.  Here is my progress since yesterday morning....I got to the first decrease and had to stop.  See you all later, the store is going to be hopping with classes today so I need to go.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Catch up for Mary Jane Mucklestone Stopover
I am so sorry!   I need to catch up...changing my needles, changing my colors.  Please stop back on Saturday for a discussion.   Today, I post a picture of the evolution of my Stopover and why I have to knit like crazy today!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Permission to Play
One of the hottest gifts this Christmas was coloring books for adults. Geometrics, florals, abstracts and a pack of pencils, crayons or markers kept plenty of parents delighted and engaged long after all the gifts were unwrapped. The Rainey Sisters of Mason Dixon knitting book fame published a Knitters Coloring book this past December.  Look forward to finding it at the studio soon.
Why are coloring books so popular?  Because they give us permission to play, to find joy in our creative choices and to make something uniquely our own. The pleasure of coloring comes in the process more than the product, which is the definition of play.
 Isn't that why we love yarn? Yarn is another way of playing with color, texture and shape. It's color you can touch.

As you begin to plan your 2016 projects, we at River Colors Studio invite you to play with yarn. Think of it as doodling or coloring with yarn. Pick up the skeins that fill you with joy.  Is it the color? Is it how the yarn feels in your hands or against your skin? Is it the smooth progression of the worsted stitches or the slippery beauty of the silk ribbon that delights you?  Don't start searching Ravelry for a pattern. Pick up your needles in a few different sizes and swatch. See what your joyous yarn wants to do. Does it want to drape or stand firmly? Does it want the rustic simplicity of garter stitch or the dimension of cables?

You are a creative person. Your years of experience crocheting or knitting mean that you can make whatever you want from your yarn. Try it and see. Follow your own rules. Trust your own ideas and play with your yarn. You may just surprise yourself.

This chevron cowl is what happened when Laura gave herself permission to play. The bright saturated colors of Malabrigo Worsted spoke to her. Putting them together in chevron stripes of random widths, she created the softest, most cheerful infinity scarf that she could imagine, the perfect antidote to the gray days of a Cleveland winter. There's no particular pattern or recipe to share; she just played with the color sequence and the needle size until she ended up with the fabric that made her smile.
Come to the Studio and find what makes you smile

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Store Hours


Monday closed
Tuesday 11-6
Wed. And Friday 11-5
Thursday 11-8
Saturday 10-4
Sunday 1-4

Trying to find us for the first time? We are tucked behind Blackbird Baking Company(their signs are very obvious)

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yarn shop lady
The other day I was at the YMCA and I waved at one of our customers, not even blinking an eye.   I see our customers everywhere in our community; we have been in business for over 13 years and have made a lot of connections over the years.   The person that I waved to did not place me at first....the Y is out of context for her vision of me I am sure.   I know this because while I was changing my shoes,. she came up to me and said "you're the yarn shop lady right"?  I kind of laughed and then said yes "I'm the yarn shop lady".  She then did some form of apology like, "sorry, I have not been in for awhile...so many things going on".  I looked her square in the eye and said "You don't need to apologize, knitting and crocheting fits in our lives at different times.We will see you again at the studio when you are ready to knit or crochet again, in the mean time it was nice to see you now".   We laughed and parted ways but then I continued to think about it while I worked out.   We as people, craft to fulfill our lives.  We are lucky enough to do this as enrichment and recreation, as therapy in some cases, but very rarely to nourish our bodies.....maybe feed our souls but not our bodies. The world is quite chaotic right now.  The idea of staying home in the safety and comfort of our homes is somewhat healing.  There is a feeling of security that comes from knitting and crocheting.  In the popular press  there is alot of discussion about the Danish word "Hygee".  We in the crafting world relate to this word easily.  If you google Hygee, I am sure you will understand the concept.   The terms that I can list easily without getting too heavy on you are: coziness, contentment, simple living.  In some ways, those of us that craft, understand the simple pleasures of our own productiveness. In the near future, you will be hearing more about Hygee from us.
Hedgehog Fibres

And now, I will switch to a commercial break. Please enjoy this picture of saturated colorful Hedgehog Fibres.  We now carry the skinny singles by Hedgehog Fibres and they have been flying out of the studio.  Join the Stephen West Doodler knit along and use the singles for that project(its not too late to join).  Maybe you just want to add to your yarn collection.  Anyway it goes, we are quite smitten by the colors that Beata Jezek has created.  We have reordered and expect to receive that shipment in mid December.

Friday, October 02, 2015

The Treehugger in me
I promise, we will get back to yarn related postings, but please indulge me just this one time for right now.  You see I do believe that this posting is somehow related to all of us crafters and makers in life. We move around in our daily lives and the time flies. At times we notice and are mindful of it flying, other times it just happens.The tree in my backyard is being removed today. This wonderful tree that has been part of my life for the past 23 years is extremely symbolic I have discovered this week.
 Of all things, I have been weepy all week and not exactly sure of the cause.  The cause surfaced today when I asked my husband to help me measure the circumference of the tree with a piece of yarn....as I requested his help I burst out into tears
Circumference measures to 13 feet 3 inches technically
Circumference beyond measurement in my heart

.  Poor guy; he looks at me and says I'm sorry Erika but, its dangerous the way the tree is right now.
 Of course, logical me knows that; but the part I can't control...the tears running down my face part can only think of so many things that happened under that tree for the past 23 years.   Right now I am trying to think of the positive things. Things like how wonderful it will be to have more sun in the back yard, no acorns dropping that have to be cleaned up, how many less leaves we will have to rake in fall, how the patio furniture will stay free of bird droppings, how we will hardly have to sweep the back porch as tree bark will no longer be falling.  Its funny though,  because for each of those items on the list, I have flashbacks of  good family time together(maybe not according to our children!).  As our kids were growing up, it was often one of those listed chores that made everyone work and spend time together.  It was a shared time together that made us talk and laugh and dance around while working. When the work was done we also shared the pride of a job well done.
 The tree needs to go because so many of the branches are dead and have the potential to drop and seriosuly hurt someone  And this is how I related this all to making and crafting. We have the potential to have these perfectly organized lives; every little thing neatly stowed away and clean.  But I think most of us get an incredible sense of satisfaction from the colors, the textures and the delight of experiencing the finished product.  The projects we have completed give us an incredible sense of being alive and a feeling of  productivity that no one can take away.  (and here all you thought you did was knit or crochet).

The Treehugger in me honors the Crafter and Maker in you!