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Friday, July 22, 2016

On Color Pops and cleverness

Color makes us feel alive.

Where we place it makes us feel clever.
 So I have to say one of the things we discuss the most at the studio is color.  I think every day we have someone hold up two different colors of  yarn and ask "which color do you think looks the best on me"?  The other discussion we are often included in is "I want to change up my colors and get outside my comfort zone".   I propose to you that there are lots of ways to work with the colors that you want to without having to worry about either of those issues.   We call it the yarn pop!  With a little cleverness you can include the colors you want to work with...those outside of your comfort zone or what looks good on you. How about using that neon that you love in a not so obvious place?  I am using fashion garments to demonstrate the concepts so that your creativity gets sparked a little. Yes you are right, usually we are not going to line a poncho with the neon but we might knit or crochet a poncho and then punch it up with a stripe of neon at the edge or place that neon as a patch pocket on a sweater you have knitted or crocheted. Select a shawl pattern that can  end with the color that you are dying to use.  When you are no longer in love with that color or the fashion trend is outdated you can rip back to your comfort zone colors and replace the outdated colors with new ones.   That is the beauty of yarn.  Yarn is recyclable and reusable.

                  bunmomamy's pasOsolo on Ravelry

Colors leads you to places you would not normally go to!

How about this woman?  I think she usually likes to wear neutral colors.   This amazing fashionable dress she has would look totally different if it were in the orange pop that she has on her hat.  Perhaps in the orange the clean sharp lines and drape would be totally lost.  She added color by inviting you to see that pop of orange first and then you look at the rest of the garment styling.  Perhaps you want to use colors that you are comfortable with but there are those other colors that keep speaking to you.  Look for a  pattern that will enable you to use them.   Take a look at Stephen West's Reis.  Look at the different photos of this very traditional sweater and take note of color pops.  It is amazing how one pattern can look so different based on color selection.  

komepanda's Reis on Ravelry.

Go ahead, give it a try.  Play with the colors you have been wanting to.  It is the perfect opportunity for playing with the crayon box of colors that we have thanks to Hedgehog Fibres and Madelinetosh