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Monday, July 12, 2010

we weren't trying to have a party..

We weren't trying to have a party, it just turned into one.
It all started out with a basic sock class. I was innocently trying to teach and people started to come in(you know I can't say no). My wonderful students obliged me and put up with me helping customers between their questions. Then thank goodness, Laura came in and attempted to rescue me so that I could pay attention to my students...then shift one students came in for the log cabin class.....then shift two came in for the log cabin class....then the students for the circular blanket class came in. In the meantime my sock students are starting to enjoy the randomness of all of this craziness. Then I hear one of our regular knitters showing us her wonderful shawls and it turns into an informal one person trunk show for which we are all thankful for because of its loveliness. and the day just goes on that way....lots of fun....lots of laughter and lots of inspiration. Thanks for the lovely day all!!!!