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River Colors Journal

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sev{en} circles/study in blues

Well here is completed Sev{en} Circles(found on ravelry) and I must say I truly love it. It has an ethnic, artistic, organic feel about it. Peter told me that it looks like a traditional african necklaces. I defintely see the resemblance. I started out doing this in the Berocco Merino Nuance and ended up throwing in their Love It Colors by accident. I was knitting along and noticed the label looked different.....I actually did not feel it in in the hand. Once I recognized the label difference I started thinking that can't be....I must just have the wrong label and started comparing....of course there was a difference and I had to decide if I was going to rip or not. I decided to not only make this piece a study in blues but also a study in fibers! Interestingly enough I threw the whole piece in the washing machine and the dryer and I am not noticing a difference in the way the two yarns react. The first two rings have stretched but I actually decided that was because I must have knitted looser at the beginning. I am going to put some little tucks in them to shorten them a bit. The other thing I find interesting is the finishing. I actually think that it needs a little tab to scrunch up the piece that sits on your neck. I do not beleive there is any mention of finishing other than weaving in the loose ends. I truly love this piece and will be making another one out of something finer and silky....probably tone on tone colors. Enjoy.