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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yarn shop lady
The other day I was at the YMCA and I waved at one of our customers, not even blinking an eye.   I see our customers everywhere in our community; we have been in business for over 13 years and have made a lot of connections over the years.   The person that I waved to did not place me at first....the Y is out of context for her vision of me I am sure.   I know this because while I was changing my shoes,. she came up to me and said "you're the yarn shop lady right"?  I kind of laughed and then said yes "I'm the yarn shop lady".  She then did some form of apology like, "sorry, I have not been in for awhile...so many things going on".  I looked her square in the eye and said "You don't need to apologize, knitting and crocheting fits in our lives at different times.We will see you again at the studio when you are ready to knit or crochet again, in the mean time it was nice to see you now".   We laughed and parted ways but then I continued to think about it while I worked out.   We as people, craft to fulfill our lives.  We are lucky enough to do this as enrichment and recreation, as therapy in some cases, but very rarely to nourish our bodies.....maybe feed our souls but not our bodies. The world is quite chaotic right now.  The idea of staying home in the safety and comfort of our homes is somewhat healing.  There is a feeling of security that comes from knitting and crocheting.  In the popular press  there is alot of discussion about the Danish word "Hygee".  We in the crafting world relate to this word easily.  If you google Hygee, I am sure you will understand the concept.   The terms that I can list easily without getting too heavy on you are: coziness, contentment, simple living.  In some ways, those of us that craft, understand the simple pleasures of our own productiveness. In the near future, you will be hearing more about Hygee from us.
Hedgehog Fibres

And now, I will switch to a commercial break. Please enjoy this picture of saturated colorful Hedgehog Fibres.  We now carry the skinny singles by Hedgehog Fibres and they have been flying out of the studio.  Join the Stephen West Doodler knit along and use the singles for that project(its not too late to join).  Maybe you just want to add to your yarn collection.  Anyway it goes, we are quite smitten by the colors that Beata Jezek has created.  We have reordered and expect to receive that shipment in mid December.