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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

August Neighborhood Teaser by Rachel
It's hard to believe I am writing the twelfth and final Colors of Cleveland teaser!  I must say that the year has flown by while anticipating the arrival of the newly dyed colors of yarn each month.  Although I find each of all the neighborhoods special and charming in their own way, I must say I saved my personal favorite for last.  Those who know me are aware of my personal connection and experience with this neighborhood,and I love spending any chance I get bopping around the different restaurants and shops...especially in the summer months.  August in particular is a great time to visit this little hilltop town because of an annual cultural celebration which takes place here.

Part of the fascination of this project for me has been researching all these unique spots in Cleveland and learning the history and facts about not only the location, but the people who settled there, where they were from, and even about the architecture and significant landmarks to be discovered.  And this month's cozy little enclave was no different, I learned some interesting clues to share and get your wheels turning about where it might be!

This ethnic neighborhood was established in the late 19th century by immigrants mostly coming from a particular regional section of a Mediterranean country.  One in particular man came to Cleveland to start a stone masonry and sculpting business.  The business was a success and went on to contribute great works to the nearby Lake View Cemetery.  Other people settling this area were extremely skilled in lacework, garment making, and other embroidery trades.  Another fun teaser to think about is that here in this community was invented the macaroni machine in 1906!  Other major landmarks and social /religious hubs of the area are the Alta House, Holy Rosary Church, a variety of artist studios, and numerous restaurants and shops. 

I highly encourage you to explore this neighborhood this coming month of August for lots of celebrations and activities.  Have fun guessing where we are in the Colors of Cleveland!  I know I'll be making a trip over very soon, because I cannot go too long without a visit to my favorite bakery in Cleveland which happens to be here!