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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Setting Realistic Knitting Goals
My Drift is done.  I love it. The short sleeves are perfect and required so little time.  The yarn is Donita.  As you can see in the picture, I am now venturing back to my Churchmouse Turkish Bed Socks done in Koigu ppm.  I started that project just before I launched into Drift.  I have a funny little story to share with you about realistic knitting goal setting.  I am not good at it!  I thought I was going to wear my Drift sweater while I was on my trip to Italy.  Wrong!  I knitted like crazy the Monday before we were leaving and then came to my senses.  My sweater was not growing as fast as it needed to.  I had to work on Tuesday and leave on Wednesday, and somewhere in between needed to pack.  Sadly, Drift was packed into my bag to finish on the plane.  HA!  Drift arrived in Rome an inch longer, not 11 inches longer. I started carrying Drift everywhere hoping to add an inch  here or there.  Then as we left Rome to tour elsewhere it became clear to me that this was going to be a knitting project for the whole trip.  I decided it was time to start having fun and show Drift the landscape!  Sooo here we go.
Of course everyone knits,drinks and watches sunsets in Sorrento

Drift wanted to see how the Iris looked with its colorings in Capri
Drift also got to see the top of Mount Vesuvius,, not a claim many knitting projects can make.
Finally, we reached Taormina and Drift started to grow.  We enjoyed the landscape, enjoyed each other and relaxed(for me that was kntting).

 On the plane ride home, Drift became a finished project; what a great traveling partner.  


Boy, do I know that scenario! I love your pictures of you project's travels. The Flat Stanley of the knitting world!http://blog.rivercolors.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss