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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Time for November Teasers! by Rachel
I have been so caught up enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather we're having and juggling multiple tasks. I suddenly realized....it's time for the November teaser for the Colors of Cleveland!!  Lucky for all of us living here in Northeast Ohio, we are privy to some of the most brilliant colors in the country during the fall season. I've been trying to get out and enjoy as many hikes and walks in the Cleveland Metroparks as I can. Meanwhile, I'm very excited about our November neighborhood.  It's small but full of little treasures to discover, and I have a couple of photo clues here to share with you.  Let me know if you can crack my codes!

Do you know where this historical building is and what it is currently utilized for?  Part of the beauty and charm of exploring these neighborhoods is discovering how the old is integrated with the new, I personally find it a fascinating contrast.

And here's a real puzzle of a photo to solve!  One of my personal favorites......and it might be one of yours too.  Real fans of this neighborhood are bound to have noticed this fabulous window.  I  would love to see your comments about all of this and more inspirations on our blog feedback!  With the timing of the autumn colors and the beginning of the NBA season, I am really inspired right now by the colors of our awesome basketball team, wine and gold.  I have already been looking at yarns here in the shop to make up cute hats and scarves in support of our city!  What team colors do you all love the best?  I will leave you all with an inspirational video I recently watched, even for those who are not sports lovers, this is pretty infectious. Check out the Nike Together commercial, and be proud of the city we live in!


Anonymous Anonymous
I love living in my neighborhood! I've been here for 21 years. My how it has changed. Come visit Gorden Square in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.