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Friday, September 05, 2014

I am so lucky
Every so often the stars line up and you feel grateful that things are working the way they are.  That is how I am today.  I am going to explain that lovely feeling of satisfaction here.Yesterday we were scurrying around with lots of last minute things to do.

The Yarn Discovery Tour starts today- thank-you RCS team for working so hard!

The Colors of Cleveland Yarn Club has its first pick up today(and those of you are having it shipped should receive it today or Saturday).  It went came together beautifully and we are soooo proud.  We will post a picture today after 11am.  After all the members get to peek first!

Sweet Designs sent us a wonderful plate of chocolate to  thank us for something that we will explain later.  That plate kept us all happy yesterday while we were scurrying!

My daughter Kelsey is blogging for us from a younger perspective.  She helped me see that the yarn club can easily be thought of as a yarn CSA.  We would love to have you think of it that way.  Please read her posting  here.  Sample her blog otherwise and possibly add it to your list of bookmarked blogs to read. As a biased mother I think she is hilarious but maybe a little racy for some our regular customers.  Only you know where you fall.