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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Clue for October by Rachel
Summer has officially turned into fall (even though it's lingering in the weather this week), and it's been the perfect time to explore the upcoming neighborhood inspiration for Colors of Cleveland.  Visiting familiar spots and discovering new ones have made me fall in love once again with this cozy gem in our city, and I have no doubt that you'll agree!  It has amazed me how many spectacular views there are of our skyline depending on where you are standing in the city.  While talking with my brother last week about this very thing, he suggested a photo spot for me to check out and it just happened to be located in October's neighborhood!  So let's see if any of you can guess where I'm standing in the CLE!!

Skyline from "October"

Amid my hectic schedule this week, I am planning to squeeze in some time to go downtown and check out Cleveland's Ingenuity Festival.  It's something I've never done yet, it's a free event, and it also celebrates the colliding of three very important worlds.... the arts, science, and technology.  It starts on Friday evening, September 26, and goes through Sunday, September 28, and takes place around the Great Lakes Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  There will be art and technology installations, music and dance performances, and lots of other treats.  Check out the website for a schedule of events.  The Science after Dark opening party sounds interesting.  And because of my forever love of fashion I will be looking for the Wandering Wardrobe, Cleveland's first and very own fashion truck!  She will be parked all weekend down at the festival selling fall fashions.  Have a great week whatever you do in the CLE!!

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