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Friday, July 11, 2014

Lets talk about buttons and the complex nature of sewing a button to a knit fabric.  Most of us that love to craft have an incredible respect for the button.  We know that the secret to changing up just about any type of garment or accessory is to use buttons.  They might be simple and elegant or fun and crazy(by the way we have lots of choices at the studio). Oops I am actually supposed to be sharing button sewing tips.   I will wane on and on another day about the philosophy of buttons....
Sewing buttons on to a knitted fabric is a little on the tricky side because the "weave" of the fabric is so loose in contrast to a traditional woven fabric.  If you have a functional button you want to try your best to sew the button on so that it is stable and not tugging and stretching your stitches. It is for this reason that we recommend sewing a back button on to the inside of your.  If your button is merely there to look pretty you will not have to worry about stabilizing it.

You will need to have:
 needle and thread
button that you want to see on the outside
flat round utilitarian button (transparent or matching color to your knitted fabric)

1)Start by threading your needle and doubling the thread, then knot it.
2)stick your needle and thread into the place where your button should go, making sure that your knot is visible
3)first start by sticking your needle through the hole of your visible button and down into the knitted fabric in the designated location
visible button being initially situated
4)look for your knot and place the needle in between the two threads.  This will enable you to lock in your thread, the knot itself will just pull through if you do not secure it.
5) pick up your flat button and pull needle and thread through one of the holes and back through another catching some of your knitted fabric. Repeat pulling your needle and thread through the holes and somewhat anchoring the back button, then pull the needle and thread through the fabric to the location where your button will be visible and pull through your visible button again.
catching your flat button
6)From here you pull through the visible button and locate the back button and pull through the holes in that button over and over again.
securing the two buttons
7)I recommend you do the front to back action back and forth about 8 times so the button will be nice and secure,
8) end with your needle on the inside and layered  between the inside fabric and the button: wind your thread around the core of the stitches that have gone back and forth around 4 times and then cut your thread.
9) your button should be very stable and not move ( if it does..start over again).

I now understand why Tutorials on Videos are so successful.  It is really hard to describe all of the little nuances one goes through without the visuals.  Now I have another challenge....to follow this up with a video!