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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What should I do with a Tosh Unicorn Tail?
There we are, the question customers ask when they handle those cute little Tosh Tails.  Honestly, they are hard to resist....the teeny little hanks with 20 different eye grabbing colors all lined up (did I mention we put them right next to the register; kinda like candy at the grocery store).
Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails

What are people doing with these?  I think they need to create a Dull Roar Amazing Technicolorish Scarf.  Now unfortunately, she does not have a pattern written up that I can find, but you get the idea don't you?  Just stripe out all of those lovely Unicorn Tail colors. Think of all the gratification that comes with owning alllll of those colors and being able to use them  without thinking too hard!  I'm not sure we even have to shape it, what about two rows of one color, then the next and tie the cool little macrame fringe as you go.  I'll be back soon with that all written up for you!  Check out what Frenchyknits thinks should be done with these colors.  Crocheters, you have a new advocate in the fiber world.  Frenchy is getting a little daring and might have to change her blogging title!