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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Caitlin goes Einstein
Caitlin modeling her Einstein

So many  of you saw Caitlin working on her shop sample of the Einstein Coat by Sally Melville.  This has become a classic piece for new knitters wanting to create their first garment.  It has an interesting construction which is modular in technique because it involves knitting a long rectangle and then picking up stitches and building upon the foundation rectangle from there.  We are happy to say that our history with this piece will help you construct a garment that you will love.  Here is a listing of Erika's personal success recommendations:

1) Choose a size that is smaller than you expect.  This garment was created to be oversized.  We are yet to see an"oversized" one that someone wears and loves to wear.  We actually made the children's large and it definitely fits Erika and Caitlin in a comfortable way.

2) While meeting the stitch and row gauge is important, so also is using a yarn that is somewhat lofty.  We used Alafoss Lopi which is extremely warm, bristly and most important light in weight.  Lets face it, this is not a t-shirt so you will be wearing it with something underneath it.

3) If you have specific buttons in mind, plan ahead and alter the buttonhole size accordingly.  The directions that are given for the buttonholes are small and really will only fit a long toggle or a structured button that is much smaller than the size of the garment.

4)The only seaming that you need to do is the top seam of the sleeves.  Consider crocheting that seam so that the seam will act as garment detailing.

5) When choosing your buttons, purchase inconspicuous backer buttons at the same time.  Backer buttons will keep your knit fabric stable and prevent the stretching of the knit fabric as buttons are used.  What the heck am I talking about?

 The next blog posting will focus on "how to sew buttons on knitted fabrics correctly".
See you next time