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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Malabrigo Mecha Restock & Twins
We received a wonderful restock of our Mecha collection.  This chunky yarn is a winner from Malabrigo;  soft, super saturated colors and superwash too.  When the shipment arrived I started looking for quick projects that we can guide our customers to.  I fell in love with many but had to prioritize considering there are twins on the way anyday now and I don't have anything knitted.  Well I fell in love with a quickie hat and made that.   More than that I fell in love with the Owlie Sleep Sack
and am cranking on that.  I have here the beginnings of sack #1; the word is that the twins are boys.  I am so excited about this project because I can just imagine how warm and soft and snuggly this will be for the twins.   Enough, I must knit.....I must knit.....I must knit.