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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just in time for our sale
Our annual sale is June 1-June 8.  20% off all items in the store except for needles and jewelry.
Knit in Public Day is June 8th and we are going to have a party celebrating our ten years in business.
I will give you more details next posting

I finished my Plymouth DeAire stylish sweater just in time.  It is a different sort of piece and quite warm.  I finished it last Friday which means it was cool enough to wear it for a couple hours.  The challenge is to  figure out how to put it on because the front is like a piece of a blanket. In fact once you put on the body of the sweater you twist the front piece like a cowl. It is actually quite dramatic.  I was not sure how it was going to turn out but I love it!!  It is all ready for the next cool day we have and to motivate you to buy yarn for it during the upcoming sale.  The picture...well it could be better but I wanted to start posting again.  My daughter told me that I needed to pick a more complimentary outfit so that it looked great like a great outfit.  I just wanted to show you how great it looks, t-shirt or not.