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Friday, November 02, 2012

Use your markers!

I was stalled.  My Pembroke Wrap using the Imperial Pencil Roving was not cooperating and I was getting pouty about it.   I expected to whip out this big needle project and instead was ripping out, not whipping out.  Storm Sandy hit our area and kept me awake so I started thinking about my project.  That night of trying to problem solve made me realize that I needed a fresh approach....maybe place markers on either side of the 8 stitch repeat.  I couldn't wait to get up and try out my solution.  I am happy to say that the markers cleared the way for me and my wrap was completed quickly.  The pencil roving needs to be unwound before you knit it.....definitely do not pull from the middle or you'll have lots of breaks.  The pencil roving is wonderfully light and warm and fragile.  I'm modeling the wrap in the first picture  unblocked and the second picture shows off the beauty of the drape after being blocked.