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Monday, January 30, 2012

Finishing can be fun

What a lovely day I had today. I kind of hibernated and focused on the tasks at hand, finishing projects. First of all, I took the time to use the measurement schematics from my Rasta Jacket and wet blocked them on my fancy blocking board(i.e. the basement floor). Now mind you, I have a blocking mat but in this case I wanted the freedom to use as much space as I needed. On Saturday I started sewing the sleeves in without blocking, but decided that blocking was an absolutely necessary part of this garment looking its best. After consulting with the book "Seven Things that Can Make Or Break a Sweater", I sewed the sleeves in again. Once the sleeves were in place I knew I could pin and measure the pieces to match. I used a water mister to encourage the fibers to relax and stretch to measurements...a little patting to smooth out eased in seams and I left the piece to dry....hoping that the fit was going to be as excellent as my mind was saying it was going to be.

The next task at hand was the Leigh Radford hat pattern. I had to finish the knitting today so I could felt and see how the "new" hat was going to turn out. Finish that I did and now it is in the machine to see if this time it will successfully fit my head.