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Friday, August 12, 2011

Whirlwind August

3 kids
3 kids leaving
3 kids leaving 3 different weeks in August.
So last weekend we took Ana back to school in Columbia,South Carolina. According to Mapquest this is a 10 hour trip....straight down I-77 from Cleveland....no potty breaks. We go down on Saturday and return on Sunday. PERFECTTTTTT for knitting, lots of car time. I have to say this trip was an excellent example of why knitters carry more that one project in their bag when they are traveling. I kept running into little "glitches" and would have to change projects so...here is a run down.
My lovely Sasperilla shawl....I was so happy I had rounded the corner and was well on the way to finishing when I found a mistake....a serious mistake so I had to rip and then couldn't get myself back on track(I'll be able to it is just that I was grumpy from being so close to the finish and then having to backtrack). So then I switched to my little Kanoke pants. A sweet little pair of baby pants only to find that I needed my double points to work on the legs separately. The last project I pulled out to work on was the Inspira Cowl. I love working on this project because of the color sequencing. Anyway.....I'll be able to work on these projects some more this weekend as we drive Nikolas out to Purdue!