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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My first hanks!

Here we have it. My first wheel spun and plied hanks of yarn. The first pictures are previous to their soaking to set....the second photos are after they are drying on my outside chairs. After you ply yarn you are supposed to let it soak in water so that the fibers "become one" I love, love love my first yarn. I like uneven knobby yarns so my beginner skein is perfect for the artsy side of me. I can see that I am progressing to a much more controlled even spin as I practice. They say it is hard to go back to the funky look after. I need to know that I can do both and then I will feel like " I get it". I couldn't help but try an unusual color;one we can't usually order! Next, the project...I have to estimate how much I have and then based on that; what I will make. Oh ya...I'm not sure the "become one" concept shows in the photos....just sayin...