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Monday, May 16, 2011

I confess

I confess, I am glad the weather is lousy. I know I should be clamoring for sunny days and warm temps and yes, yesterday I was whining about how it is never going to be nice outside. But honestly, today I am happy because my options are narrowed way down due to the weather. It is my day off and I am knitting, sewing spinning and sneaking in a movie. Today I worked a tiny bit on Kelsey's dress & pressed the material for my blouse. I then proceeded to finish spinning my Targhee from Abstract Fibers. It has to sit a little before I ply it(so I've been told). I am anxious to produce my first yarn to knit with but am trying not to rush through the process Because I was really struggling with the targhee I decided to try the Blue Faced Leicester(bfl) from Mountain Colors. Classic case of wondering if it is hard because I am a newbie, or is it the fiber? It is spinning so much easier.....there must be a learning lesson here but I don't know enough yet, to figure out what that lesson is. Anyone out there have wisdom to share with me? My Noro purse is done and I think it is quite fun. Actually after I was done with it I decided it would be a perfect pattern for handspun.... The last two things I am hoping to sneak in are loading the ArtYarns onto the website and working on my brother in law's slippers. Amazing day!