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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

recycling yarn

Well the good thing about yarn is that it can be recycled. As much as we hate when a project doesn't turn out, it is not the end of the world! Here you see a wonderful hat that I believe the jolly green giant or Shrek could wear. It is indeed very cute...just huge. I can't blame it on the stitch gauge, that came out right on. There was not a row gauge given so who would have thought? I had such high hopes for this hat.....I spent the afternoon working on it yesterday because I wanted to share it with you as a fast and easy.....don't do it, that is unless you know very large, giant like people that would like it. I was all set to embellish it with the contrast yarn you see pictured.....sooooo beautiful except for the fact that it is not really usable. I wanted to share it with you before I ripped because I want you to know....we all rip and the recycle. Maybe you don't launch into the new project right away....maybe it takes some time to heal from the failed project but we all do it. The beauty of crocheting and knitting is that we can recycle...think of how painful it would be if you just had to throw the yarn away because the project didn't work. Look for my recycled yarn in future postings!