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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Oh Christmas Crochet Bowl(sung to oh christmas tree)

How cute is this crochet bowl? I have been walking around humming the melody of Oh Christmas Tree and playing with this bowl. I can't help myself, the dandy little thing is just so cute! First I put paper clips in it, then rubber bands and finally peppermint xmas candy balls. That is how the bowl has made me most happy. I have it out at the store filled with candy. It's funny though, I never see anyone eating the candy.....but the bowl keeps on emptying out.....hmmmm somone else out there must like it as a candy dish! By the way we are offering it as a class on December 11th. If you know how to single and double crochet this class is for you. You will learn how to crochet in the round and sculpt your yarn into this spiffy bowl. By the time you are done with the class you will also know how to crochet a hat in the round. Let me tell you as well that we have a wonderful collection of colors to chose from in our Small Ball Collection. Let me also add that the bowls go quickly and will make great gifts for teachers, gift exchanges and presents for someone that has everything.