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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Arm warmers (or hand warmers) of many colors

I have to confess I love the way these arm warmers look and they are so now. They are classic and contemporary in their style. What I mean is that if you have wonderful smooth skin, or a sexy little tattoo that peeks out from under these warmers you are going to look great(besides being wonderfully warm thanks to those cute little alpacas. Blue Sky alpaca pattern designs are almost always this way, edgy yet classic. So that being said, these warmers can easily be converted into hand warmers by leaving off the length of the arm. You start at the point closest to your fingers and then knit length on so you can stop whenever you want.
Recently I was using mine as a sample to describe a technique of creating the thumb hole without creating a gusset and I received alot of ooohing and aahhing from the other people in the shop. I didn't expect such a wonderful reception so I decided I better share them with you! Rachel and I put together some color suggestions that we thought you might enjoy.

The colors choices are as follows top to bottom
You need 2 hanks of the main color and one hank of the contrast

Melange 806 & 815
Melange 802 & 813
Sport 503 & 504
Sport 519 & 525