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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet Jazz addiction

No, I'm not talking about music when I titled this entry Sweet Jazz addiction. I'm talking about the pattern by Samantha Roshak of KnitQuest. One Thursday, Karen the teacher of our group class comes in with this sweet little scarf/shawl. She made hers out of Koigu..there are so many colors to choose from! We were all over it (especially me). I kept showing it to people as they walked in because it is just so classy looking. I finally started one myself. I decided to make mine with Tofutsie because I wanted a lighter weight version for the summer. I have been knitting away because I want to see it finished and share it with you. Today you can see it as a work in progress....my goal is to have it done by Tuesday of next week. The pattern is written in an easy to read format and it looks a tad daunting at first but it is really just broken down into sections. Deal with each section as the time comes and you will be good to go. I highly recommend the first section of Sweet Jazz for a social project because the rows are long and you can knit away while chatting. While I was working on mine I realized that I have not made public the fact that Amy Butler and Rown have come out with a yarn line and designs to go with it! We are scheduled to be receiving it any day now. We will keep you posted!