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Monday, June 21, 2010

Darn, I hate when that happens
450 Stitches a row . At one time on the Sweet Jazz scarf there are 450 stitches. Don't you know...I have 436. I slept on that number thinking that my sub concious would have an explanation and I would wake up this morning ready to fix the problem and finish the scarf today.....Wrong. I recounted thinking maybe I messed up the first time....still 436. I only have to go back 3 rows I am sure but....450(actually 436) stitches ripped on size 3 needles with yarn overs.I do get a little antsy. It is surely not getting done this way. I have vented and now I must tackle the rows and the small needles and the yarn overs and the number of stitches.

post ripping notes: Controlled Ripping
It occurred to me that maybe I should share how I approached this ripping session with those of you that are interested because I did start with a strategy and plan. First of all I made sure that I had needles on hand that were smaller than the ones I was actually knitting on. I ripped back two rows and then on the third row I took the smaller needles and ripped a couple stitches than put them on the smaller needle...ripped a couple stitches and added it to the other stitches until I was at the end of the row. I counted to make sure that I now had the 450 stitches I was looking for and proceeded to put them back on the bigger needle so that I had the correct stitch orientation . I could have just knitted off the smaller needle but there was something comforting about the whole reorientation process.