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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being there AND BACK
It has been quite a summer.Those of you that have seen me on a regular basis know that I have been out of the store a lot because of my surgery. I am a person that believes that things happen for a reason. This surgery way back in May forced me to slow down and hang....a thing I am not good at. When push came to shove I actually had a lot of fun hanging. My sixteen year old son was getting his license in July and "needed" to get in drive time so we spent countless hours with him at the wheel and me riding(perfect for crutches). He is good company and a good driver to boot so the rides were always fun....usually to get some fresh produce at some market.....maybe a croissant and cup of coffee at Blackbird baking company or just driving through the Metroparks. I also have a 17 year old daughter....she keeps to herself alot. She is wonderful company too...the trick with her however is to be there when she feels like talking(not unlike her mother I may say). It was a summer where I was there. While I hated not being able to get around like I wanted to and I had to let things go a bit at the store I was there for some very precious time.

p.s.for those of you that are wondering what happened to the 18 year old daughter: she was off to Quebec City most of the summer learning how to fly(metaphorically) and speak french fluently!