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Monday, March 30, 2009

Realistic goal setting and the Sasha skirt

Every so often I need a reality check on my goal setting. The perfect example is my beleif that I was going to crank out the Sasha skirt in one week. Well, yes I was able to do the underskirt and ruffle in one week...while on vacation. Maybe I could have even gotten further but....my hands got sore from too many hours of continuous knitting. I had to take a break and put it down sometimes. The funniest part is that I actually just cranked out the stockinette skirt part of it and thought I was just about done....the reality hit when I was doing the willowy, drapey ruffle part...you continuosly increase to create those ruffles....and my oh my I do love those ruffles but....you can NOT crank them out....they go on and on and on and then you bind off. The bind off is where you find out why it is called the sasha skirt. After you have bound off the endless amount of stitches and try the skirt on.....the ruffles just want to make you sashay down a dance floor.....or rumba or waltz or something like that. This underskirt is a beaut of a piece all by itself. Once I have the whole ruffley skirt done I intend to knit myself a plain old naked underskirt and live in it! I have posted a picture of my underskirt....I guess it is blurry because I kept on moving those damn ruffles(just couldn't help myself) during the picture taking! Please recognize it is not yet blocked or finished... just a fitting to make sure the skirt fits......but I love it just the way it is! I guess I am just a simple girl.