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River Colors Journal

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my cast, my sasha skirt and my flow top
o.k., sometimes i have to go away from everything to make myself sit down. this vacation is good for me....it is forcing me to just sit and put my cast up...i am hoping it is healing time and that miraculous things are happening within my tendon... time will tell.
i am cranking away on my louet linen sasha skirt....and thank goodness for ravelry because there have been a number of times that i questioned whether i was following the directions correctly....everytime that happenend i just raveled the skirt and looked at all the wonderful entries that are available....studied the pictures and confirmed that everything was o.k.
for the record because my memory is sooooo bad....
1. i changed the waistband....i followed the directions that go with the indigo ripple skirt...we will have to wait to see how that works out....i didnt like the bulk of the casing.
2. i used size 2 u.s. needles for the underskirt......that is what worked with the gauge for me.....

i am working on the skirt ruffle and hope to get that finished toda.

Flow top made out of Seduce....oh my I am absolutely in love with the fabric that is resulting out of this yarn. The Yarn Harlot blogged about this top last year and I always liked the way it looked.....I needed some good mindless knitting along with my
Sasha so I brought it along.....oooh laa laa I want to wear it badly because I am sure it will feel good on my skin......
I need to knit.....we will be back home soon and then the idea of actually finishing something becomes alot less realistic....
I´ll be back with pictures of both projects once I get home!!!