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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rowan cocoon shalom cardigan
The Shalom Cardigan is a wonderful project! It is important however, to make sure your twisted knits are all appearing on the same side. As you can see here from my wonderful example.....ooops did I do that?

I am using the wonderful Rowan Coccon...soft and warm. Just for the sake of info....when doing the gauge I did get the right stitch count however my row count is off so I am modifying length as needed.


Anonymous Anonymous
How much cocoon did you have to use?http://blog.rivercolors.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

I used 4 balls of the cocoon. I did finish the cardigan awhile ago and need to get a picture up to show ya'all.http://blog.rivercolors.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

Love this
I enjoy it so much
Have a nice day =)http://blog.rivercolors.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss