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Friday, April 04, 2008

Last Night's Sit & Stitch
Sure did have some yuks last night at our Sit & Stitch! I can not reveal the main story on line just in case the person wants to remain anonymous but ask me about it the next time you see me. We also got to see some wonderful samples of both finished and unfinished projects....one guy shared an awesome "paisley" humongous crochet wrap( which I will look up the title for and be more specific about when I get to the store). the other very cool project is a "Sasha" skirt which is done out of the Louet Euroflx linen. This person had ripped and reknit a couple of the ruffles more than once because she is trying to get just the right color combo. A couple of us worked on our Contemporary Quilt Wraps. I am way at the back of the pack 'cuz I keep getting sidetracked but two of the gals are very closed to finished. We all have agreed that an edging will be nice to finish it off but everyone is coming up with their own little suggestion. There was a pair of socks on the needles, someone else was working on the French market bag.....we were very busy and having alot of fun!