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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Megan & Kevin's baby
Well it is time to foucs on my Columbus niece(Megan and husband Kevin) They are having a baby this March!
We are all pretty excited...family members are walking around and feeling the baby kicking which makes me go "UH OH" I better get my needles clicking. I promised Meg....a pair of baby booties a week until the baby is born. I started today. The other thing that I have absolutely been smitten with is the Tribal Baby Carrier in the Interweave Folk Knits book. I am totally planning to make that and sure could use a couple knitting buddies to keep me on task. As best I can tell the Mission Falls 1824 cotton should work perfectly to gauge and they have a great color range and we happen to have it at the store. I am totally planning to post pictures of the weekly booties and the progress of the Tribal Carrier. Keep checking back.....and really I would love to have some other people working on the carrier with me.