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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

family gift waiting list
I have to laugh. I have all of the sudden ended up with a family waiting list for a hat made out of Manos de Uruguay yarn. My nephew from Lake Tahoe was here last week....and after hanging with him I decided he needed a hat that was crafted from someone that loved him(me)...mind you, this is no baby....he is twenty something....independent....a sponsored skiier....(my mind works in weird ways is all I can say). So I started on Kim's hats from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. It was cranking because I needed some mindless knitting.....I went to visit my brother in Columbus and told him what I was making.....he gives me this funny look....and says I'd like one too"...so I laugh and talk to him about colors. I drive home and am working on the hat some more and talking with my husband about how funny it is that my brother wants the hat.....he gives me that same funny look and I say "what????"...and I realize I now have another hat request. I have to laugh.