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Monday, December 24, 2007

Last minute christmas knitting pleasure
Well my oldest daughter Kelsey has been eying this one yarn in the store for a while now. I just was not in the spirit of going out to buy things this Christmas...more in the mood of "gifts straight from the heart"...so two days ago I decided to tackle the yarn...I like the challenge. I whipped out the back not even thinking about what I was knitting. Yesterday my son (14 yrs old) says to me...."will you watch Lion King" with me? How can a Mom say no to a teenage boy with that request. I sat down, started watching and then realized how great theis yarn felt that I was working with. I had to pull the label out and look at the fiber content. This chunky yarn is a blend of merino , alpaca and silk(it is called Limari). The only other yarn that I have enjoyed working with as much as this was another merino, alpaca mix(Blue Sky worsted weight). I think maybe I have a thing going here....I am so glad that it is a pleasure knit....I have one more sleeve to go....pierogi for 10 to make.... a trip to Columbus and a suitcase to buy all in the next 12 hours! It will be O.K. though because these things are all coming from my heart and not just cuz I have to. I love the music that is played on Christmas eve day.....it is so easy to find very traditional Christmas songs to complete this picture.
Merry Christmas to you all.