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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Felting Rowan Tapestry yarn
Oh my goodness.....look out if you decide to try to felt with the Rowan Tapestry yarn.....felt it does! I loved the purse in last years Autumn rowan magazine....the one iwth the beautiful rattan handles and the funky curly ques down the length of the bag....well. You knit this piece which is around 30" long before you felt it(which I did) the directions then say to felt it in 40 degree f washer....well being the smarta... that I am I decide to felt it just like cascade220...after all it is only 50% wool the rest is soybean fiber....how fast can that felt up????WRONG.....with one washing using the temp that I use for cascade 220 I now have piece that is 12" long....a beautiful little piece mind , you but reduced to the size of a clutch....no room for long little funky danglies and curly ques. I am a little obsessed with this bag now because I want to see the look of the Tapestry felted at 40degree F...I am sure I will be filling you in....after all the scientist in me loves experiments!