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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Unfinished objects(ufo's)
Over the past couple weeks there has been a discussion about UFO's on the Knitting Daily/Interweave Press website. They did a survey about how many and why. I have been chuckling as I read the newest because I relate alot to so many of the stories. While I did not respond to the survey, I did sneak a look at what all I do have in the "waiting" to be finished piles. At least one of the 95% completed garments I was telling everyone I was just going to rip out and reuse the yarn....the pattern was just plain old ugly and what was I thinking to have even knit it that far. That was last year....this week I pulled it out and said what can I do to make this a fantastic design instead of what it is supposed to be? Well I think I am on my way to the fantastic design.....a little Jackie O collar combined with a bulky oversized sweater....right now I have it basted together with loose ends hanging everywhere...I have high hopes ffor the final stages. Stay tuned for the picture of the finished object. Thanks, Sandi Wiseman of Knitting Daily for making me take a second look at what I have done. Moral of the story is don't always rip right away...try to see if you can take a fresh look at something that is started.