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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Off day(not day off)
O.k. I am thinkingthat it is a very good day to write because so far this morning both off the things I thought I would finish have "finished" me. The Ooooh so sixties material that I purchased to make my 16 year daughter a skirt about a year ago was sitting on the table. I thought to myself....just pick that up and make it. That will be one less skirt you have to buy for the new school year and it will take less time than shopping for one. I picked up the pattern started laying it out and realized that I did not buy enough material. Well being one that used to shop the bargain materials tables I thought I will just line it with another material and make it work. Helllo I think I bought enough material for a five year old.....where was my head that day?.......maybe I can line a purse with the amount of material I bought.....well that got rid of that project.

So next I go to finish off a" top down evening capelet " I was working on.....I was at the point I was just going to put the sleeves on their holders. I decide to count the number of stitches on the front.....helll-ooo 11 on one side.....maybe 18 on the other...I have been so hell bent on finishing the project I was not" looking "at it.I am making it out of a glitter ribbon with a very loose fabric so mistakes just do not jump out at you. Off the needles and I now have two very nice balls of yarn...empty needles and stitch markers waiting to be used. I think I will start another very cool acidic bag by Kate Jackson fromthe Fall Knitscence for my very cool niece who just moved to Wisconsin for a year to volunteer and learn some of the answers to life's persistent questions. I made the bag once already and it came out great. Maybe I will post a picture of it when I get it back(I am cheating....I had the girls at Stitch Cleveland line it for me so I could keep on knitting). Anyway I think I will resort to something like putting away laundry because my crafting seems doomed today.