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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prism yarn and "indie" yarns
And so the ongoing discussion of "indie " yarns has created a description which I thought was incredibly beautiful....the person described indie yarns as fluid and without a concrete definition. The more I explore the concept I realize that the most important factor is direct hands on involvement/supervision of the owner of the company to create the final hank of yarn. The hands on inolvement signals an initmacy and a caring of the product that can not be replicated by large mill production. I took a long bike ride last weekend and it suddenly sunk in ; we that knit, crochet and craft have a relationship with the materials we work with...it means even more to us if the person that held it before us also had a relationship before passing it on....whoa this is getting too heavy.... I actually was sitting down to let you all know that we received our first Laura Bryant, Prism yarn laceweight wool shipment. You have to feel this yarn....it is soooooo soft. Of course the colors are beautiful they are dyed by Laura and company.....If you get a chance get out and feel the yarn!