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Friday, June 29, 2007

Indie yarns
One of my most favorite things in the world is to learn....I could keep on taking classes about random topics and be happy for quite an indefinite period of time. I am a student of Shannon Oakey and Meghan Englemann of Stitch Cleveland when it comes to the word "Indie". I search out those two whenever I become fixated on a concrete definition of the "Indie crowd" or "Indie yarns". I am sure that if I had only listened to one of Lime & Violet's podcasts the words would be more clear to me. I understand the concept of independent yarn dyers but aren't they all....I mean Koigu does not have a big production mill....Prism does not either.....are they producing Indie yarns? does it have to do with the age of the company? whether they do wholesale work?.....a number of the "indie yarn dyers" that I reasearched do wholesale work. I am so confused..... Because I am a person of action however, I did order some "indie yarns" for our store...hopefully by the time they arrive I will better understand and explain to you what I have learned!