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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The ground hogs
One of the things I love most about our current location is that we have been able to cultivate a flower garden at our main entrance. We planted some of the plants...some of them were here before we were. Well one of the existing plants is this massive June blooming thistle....not the weed kind, not prickly, but serrated leaves and knock out flowers. Well here we are, in our fourth year waiting for the big June bloom....all of the sudden the very large plant starts to be nibbled at....then it becomes a very small plant.....first I speculate "deer", then I catch sight of a ground hog.....so yesterday I buy organic groundhog repellent and spray the wonderful plant( the repellent actually smells very good..kind of like mint). My mom and I proceed to plant some other things and out of the corner of my eye I notice two ground hogs watching me. I point them out to my mom and realize that they are actually baby ground hogs that are not the least bit afraid. I try to lecture these ground hogs hoping that a little reasoning will help me get the big blue blooms this June. They apparently like blue, because I came in this morning and the new blue saliva I planted is now gone....so much for ground hog repellent and so much for lecturing and reasoning with these very cute animals. I think I will have to try lavender....maybe that smell will repell them and I will get some blue flowers!